Our Puppies

"B" litter von Ausbreitung

(We lost our "A" litter to uterine dystocia, a common disorder in large breeds and first litters. This litter would have been out of Mona Lisa von Tem, who is now a Philippine Champion and happily residing in Manila with her family.)

The "B" litter was out of Flash vom Burgthann SCH3 IPO3 FH X Jutlans Janni CD BH, and they were born on February 9, 1997.

Brace - BH ZtP, OFA Good, Elbows Clear, owned by Tina and Terry Siebert
Butcher (Butch) - SCH3, BST, OFA Good, Elbows Clear, owned by Steve Beal, then Rick O'Nan
Bodo - 2/9/97 - 8/10/98, owned by Dee Hernandez
Belle (Chloe) - owned by Andrew Wilkey, herds basset hounds
Bevan - working SAR, owned by Lucy Newton.
Baakel - owned by Lenard Oliver
Blaise (Sadie) - owned by Mike Bremel
Bruno (Max) - owned by Cass and Sue Terry
Bitty (Itty) - owned by the Gellings family, hunts soccer balls

The "B" von Ausbreitung litter was a repeat breeding of the "U" von Tem litter, and their pedigree can be seen here.

"C" litter von Ausbreitung

The "C" litter was out of Ascan vom Ingolstadter Tor SCH3 AD X Jutlans Janni CD BH.  They were born on August 15, 1998, and their pedigree can be seen on Cecil or Chrome's page.

Chrome - SCH1, BST, BH, CGC, TT, OFA Excellent, Elbows Clear, owned by Liz and Bill Crawley
Cecil - SCH1, CGC, TT, BH, ZtP, BST, OFA Good, Elbows Clear, owned by Bill Crawley
Chaos - owned by Tina and Terry Siebert
Clem (Doppler) - owned by Carol Siewart and Scott Salzwedel
Cody - owned by Liz and Bill Crawley

The Past

Before we struck out on our own, we co-bred the "S" and the "U" von Tem litter with David Meikle and Joe Rocco.  The "S" litter was out of Janni X Aiko von der Silberhutte SCH3 IPO3 ZtP and the "U" litter was out of Janni X Flash vom Burgthann SCH3 IPO3 FH.  Paula Nelson owns Tory - Uitlander's Raptor von Tem CI BH TT CGC.  Tory earned his BH with his handler, Steve Beal, in March of 1998 and is retired due to severe bilateral hip dysplasia, but continues to work happily with the help of gold bead implants; he has since taken First Place and an ARC Carting Intermediate title in 2003. Paula and I also co-owned Tory's littermates, Duckie (Ursula von Tem) and Perry (Uriah von Tem). Duckie was diagnosed with osteosarcoma at age two and we let her go in June of 1998. Perry was lost to a brain tumor in June of 2000.

The Aiko kids and Tory's remaning three siblings are scattered throughout the upper midwest. Logan has his SCH1 and is working on his SCH2 in Wisconsin, Sargeant, Raven, Asta, Carl, and Sadie live in Wisconsin and play at obedience and carting, Simba rides around in a Cook County Parks Dept. Truck - keep an eye out for him in Illinois. Abby was lost to a tumor which affected her eye and brain in 2001, her owners adopted a rottweiler from a local shelter and she's filling in admirably.  Tyler (Unix von Tem) lives in Minnesota and hangs out in his owners video store, Ule lives in Madison, WI, and Una lives in Edgerton, WI where she keeps track of soccer balls.